Virtual Servers



Tier 1

$ 10

Tier 2

$ 20

Tier 3

$ 40

Tier 4

$ 75

Tier 5

$ 100

Upgrade Your Virtual Machine On The Fly

These extras can be added to an existing Virtual Machine with only a reboot required to make them active.

Extra 1GB of RAM

$10 per month

Extra CPU core

$10 per month

Extra Disk Space

$8 per 20GB

Extra IPv4 Address

$4 per month per IP

Why choose our SERVERS?

Instant Deployment

Your server is activated immediately upon payment of your invoice so is up and running in moments!

KVM Virtualization

We run KVM technology – no more sharing memory and CPU resources with neighbours. We guarantee exclusive access to your resources.

Great Choice of OS

Need CentOS? Fedora? Debian? Ubuntu? Windows? FreeBSD? We have plenty of options to choose from!

Easy Control Panel

Enjoy full control over your server with our HTML5 management console, allowing power control, ISO mounting, console access and much more

Excellent Uptime

We take availability seriously and guarantee a 99.98% uptime rate for all servers.

RAID 10 All-round

Each of our host nodes are configured with large amounts of hard drives in the ultra-fast and secure RAID10 configuration.

High Speed Memory

Each of our host nodes runs Enterprise-grade ECC RAM running at least 2400Mhz.

Easy Backups

Choose to have automated full-VM backups during signup for peace of mind.

Why choose our NETWORK?

Highly Available

Our servers and networks have multi-directional routes out of the country, ensuring maximum up-time and lightning fast speeds to the whole of Asia

Locally Peered

Reach your local audience faster and quicker than ever! All servers have access to 10Gbit domestic peering with all Cambodian ISPs.

Premium China Routing

Reach China quicker with optional premium routing via China Unicom & China Telecom CN2

DDoS Protection

Our network is protected by hardware DDoS protection. Should an attack occur, it is suppressed within seconds!

Quality Assured

Our network is monitored by humans 24 hours a day. Any abuse or misuse is identified and stopped within moments ensuring you a safe and reliable environment for your business.


Have high data requirements? Contact us for dedicated subnet and bandwidth allocations to suit your needs

Test IP

Please use these IPs to test latency from your location: (Standard Routing) (CN2 Premiun Routing)

Network Tool Kit

Speed tests, looking glass and other network diagnostics available at your fingertips

Tier3 Data Center

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Our data center is Tier 3, which means it is one of the most secure and reliable places to store important company data.

All components are powered with multiple, independent sources of power and cooling resources so if something should fail, there are always backups.

Every element is maintained to the highest standard and is removable, replaceable or serviceable without disrupting access or capabilities for the end user.

It has protection against most physical events including power, network and environmental changes.