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Dedicated Network

By default, all servers have access to our Shared Network for access to the Internet.  However this network has some restrictions in place that might not suit you.

If you require full, unrestricted access to the internet you can purchase dedicated bandwidth for your server.  This is offered from 25Mbps up to 10Gbps!  With a dedicated connection, you have unlimited usage of your bandwidth at all times. There are no transfer restrictions.

Moving your server to a dedicated port is quick and easy, normally involving no downtime at all.  It is not possible to add dedicated bandwidth on top of the Shared Network; you can only use one at a time.  However it is possible to place several servers on the same dedicated bandwidth connection. In the case of multiple servers sharing a single dedicated bandwidth connection, you will be allocated a subnet of IPv4 addresses.

Dedicated Bandwidth Pricing

If you require speeds of over 100Mbps, you'll need to purchase a port upgrade for your server. The monthly port upgrade fee includes 1Gbps of FREE domestic peering to all major ISPs in Cambodia.  Domestic bandwidth is not metered.

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