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Shared Network

By default, all servers have access to our Shared Network at 100Mbps!  This is simply an internet connection, however there are some precautions in place to protect all of our customers.  This article outlines the details of these restrictions.

If any of these restrictions are a problem for you, please consider a Dedicated Network for your server.


Your server is not subjected to a firewall and has unrestricted access to the internet by default.
If your server is the victim or source of network attacks or spam distribution then certain ports may be blocked. Ports that may be blocked are listed below.  Make sure to secure your server and keep your firewall correctly configured!

TCP & UDP 137, 138, 139, 445

Traffic Allowance

All servers on the Shared Network are subjected to monthly data transfer allowances. This is calculated based on the sum of inbound and outbound traffic to the machine. If the set traffic allowance is exceeded the network port will be slowed to 10Mbps for the remainder of the lunar month. We do not charge for bandwidth overage.

Real-time Traffic Shaping

To keep our Shared Network clean and de-congested, we apply temporary traffic shaping to noisy servers. This is designed to never impact legitimate users, but slow down network abuse and attacks.  Servers utilizing over 25Mbps for long periods of time will be gradually slowed over the course of a day. If the sustained traffic stops then the port will be restored to its original speed.

For example;  A torrent seed box may be loaded with files and seeding at a constant speed of 100Mbps. After approximately an hour of this behavior, the server will be limited to 90Mbps. If the transfer continues, over several hours the server's port will be gradually limited to a minimum of 10Mbps. If at any point the sustained transfer stops, the server's port will be reset to its full speed.

Domestic Peering

All servers enjoy direct peering with major Cambodian ISPs via the Cambodian Network Exchange. Domestic traffic (traffic that does not leave Cambodia) is excluded from Real-time Traffic Shaping!  If you require domestic speeds of over 100Mbps, please consider upgrading your network port.

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