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 Shared Network

By default, all servers have access to the internet at 100Mbps.  While you can expect full transfer speeds on this connection, there are some precautions in place to protect all of our customers.  This article outlines the details of...

 What rules apply to the use of a VPS? E.G. can I use it for sending spam emails?

Use of our VPSs is governed by our Acceptable Use Policy which can be found here. No, spamming is definitely not permitted.

 Where is my VPS located?

Our physical servers are housed in a data centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

 Dedicated Network

By default, all servers have access to our Shared Network for access to the Internet.  However this network has some restrictions in place that might not suit you. If you require full, unrestricted and unmetered access to the internet...

 What is a VPS used for?

A VPS can be used for almost anything –hosting secure websites, as an email server, a game server, running an eCommerce store, database management.