Bare Metal Servers

Why choose our SERVERS?

Available Instantly

Our rental servers are already racked and set up for rapid deployment and availability. Order any time and have your server up and running in under an hour!

Quality Equipment

All our servers are branded enterprise-grade equipment. We do not take shortcuts with second-grade hardware!


All machines come with remote consolepower controls and the facility to mount custom ISOs

RAID5 All-round

Each server has a minimum of 4 high-speed disks configured in a RAID5 array with battery backed write cache on hardware RAID controllers

PXE Boot Environment

Deploy your OS with ease using our custom PXE boot scripts and large collection of Operating Systems

Fault Tolerance

Enjoy minimal downtime as every server features redundant routes to the internet, dual power supplies and spare parts in case of a failure.

Load Balancer

Build your web cluster and use our hardware load-balancers to distribute load across several servers for ultimate speed and reliability

SAN Attached

Need extra space for backups or a clustered file system? All our servers are connected to our SAN via Fibre Channel. Additional space can be added to your equipment on the fly

Why choose our NETWORK?

Highly Available

Our servers and networks have multi-directional routes out of the country, ensuring maximum up-time and lightning fast speeds to the whole of Asia

Locally Peered

Reach your local audience faster and quicker than ever! All servers have access to 10Gbit domestic peering with all Cambodian ISPs.

Premium China Routing

Reach China quicker with optional premium routing via China Unicom & China Telecom CN2

DDoS Protection

Our network is protected by hardware DDoS protection. Should an attack occur, it is suppressed within seconds!

Quality Assured

Our network is monitored by humans 24 hours a day. Any abuse or misuse is identified and stopped within moments ensuring you a safe and reliable environment for your business.


Have high data requirements? Contact us for dedicated subnet and bandwidth allocations to suit your needs

Test IP

Please use these IPs to test latency from your location: (Standard Routing) (CN2 Premiun Routing)

Network Tool Kit

Speed tests, looking glass and other network diagnostics available at your fingertips

Tier3 Data Center

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Our data center is Tier 3, which means it is one of the most secure and reliable places to store important company data.

All components are powered with multiple, independent sources of power and cooling resources so if something should fail, there are always backups.

Every element is maintained to the highest standard and is removable, replaceable or serviceable without disrupting access or capabilities for the end user.

It has protection against most physical events including power, network and environmental changes.

We’re here for you every step of the way! Whether you need help choosing which product is right for you or if you need ongoing technical assistance, we’ve got you covered!

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