Cambodia's Premier Virtual & Bare Metal Server Provider

Cambo.Host provides high-end servers to customers around the world as well as the rapidly growing Cambodian business community. Our datacenter in Phnom Penh has direct high-speed global connections including to China, and our automated cloud server deployment gets our clients into the fast lane very quickly.
Whether you are a start-up, a mature business with global customers or a developer seeking improved productivity, our range of Virtual Servers can be tailored to your requirements.

Serious Infrastructure

We use only tested Enterprise-Grade equipment racked up in Tier 3 Data Centers

In the Kingdom

Yes, our servers are located in Cambodia!
Test IP:

Highly Available

Our servers and networks have multiple routes out of the country in all directions, ensuring lightning fast speeds to all of Asia

Domestic Peering

We peer directly with all major Cambodian ISPs, giving national users extra fast performance and bandwidth

Redundant Power

Each of our racks has in-line battery backup as well as underground diesel generators for extended power outages


A hardware-level firewall is applied to your server by default, blocking almost all common attacks. Firewall rules can be modified in your control panel

DDoS Protection

Our network is protected by hardware DDoS protection. Should an attack occur, it is suppressed within seconds!

24/7 Monitoring

Our team monitor all infrastructure and servers for performance degradation, security risks and network abuse

Our Tier 3 datacenter in Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia